Vilnius Ghetto is an area where around 40 thousand Jewish people were imprisoned by Nazis during the Second World War. Only a few thousands survived, having escpaed the ghetto before its liquidation. The tour of the Big Ghetto is based on the survivors‘ memories, diaries found in the ghetto after the war and other documents.

You will get a detailed history about the functioning of the ghetto and its system. During your tour, you will visit the main streets of the ghetto as well as the lesser-known ones, while we tell you stories about the tragic fate of the locals Jews.

This orientation tour is not your regular guided tour – you will have to find the historic sites yourself by following our clues and using your orientation skills. Some information will be sent in audio format, so you don’t get tired from reading.

The route is based on the diaries of Yitskhok Rudashevski, Herman Kruk, Grigory Schur, as well as other sources such as Irina Guzenberg‘s book „Žydų istorijos ir kultūros atmintinos viets“ („Vilnius: Sites of Jewish history and memory“), Arūnas Bubnys‘s „Vilniaus Getas 1941—1943“ („Vilna Ghetto 1941—1943“) and Kazimier Sakowich „Panerių dienoraštis“ („The Paneriai diary“).

Rights to the photos used in our tour belong to the Vilna Gaon Museum of Jewish History, Lithuanian Special Archives and TrainYourBrain team.

Lenght: 2 km.
Duration: 2-2.5 hours
Complexity level:

You will need : A charged phone and mobile data. We recommend installing a QR reader app in advance.

Team size: Tickets for Orienteering tours are for max 4 people. If you want to bring a 5th person, you need an extra person ticket. If your group is larger than 12 persons – call us.

Notes: You can take a short break at any point of the tour. Our guide will be with you for up to 2,5 hours, which is enough time to explore all the destinations and take a rest with no need to hurry. Starting point is the Gates of the Church of All Saints, Rūdninkų g.

The ticket is valid for 6 months.