You probably know the story about the mad 18th century barber from London. The sign on his barbershop said: “Cheap barber services – for only a pence“. Unfortunately, none of his customers left the shop. Underneath it was an underground tunnel, which Sweeney Todd used to move his victims to his mistress‘s bakery. She was famous for the best meat pies in the whole town. By now, you have probably figured out their bussiness endeavour. So, if you have decided to visit Sweeney Todd‘s barbershop, make sure to escape it in time, so you don‘t end up in one of their pies.

Complexity level:

Duration: – 60 min (average escape time – 57 min)

Team size: 1—4 (maximum 5 people, but an extra person ticket is needed)

Notes: 14+ years olds can go unsupervised. Intoxicated people will not be allowed in.