Trakai – a photo in front of the island castle, a souvenir from avenue kiosk and a kybyn in the most popular café? It‘s time to let go of this stereotypical habit and go on a tour of Trakai which will enrich your knowledge, surprise and awaken your curiosity and make you fall in love with this town. Most of you probably know that there is an ethnic group called Karaims, who live in Trakai and make tasty kybyns. But do you know anything else about these people, who have remained loyal to their customs, language and culture to this day? This walking tour will make you fall in love with the Karaim people and get to know their culture.

We want to show you a different side of Trakai. A town where people speak one of the rarest languages in the world. A settlement which as kept its traditions alive. Streets that were paved by the guests Vytautas brought from the south. Houses which smell of the tastiest kiubėtės, krupnik and kybyns made of yeast dough. Windows which have shown the world to generations of people who cherished their identity – their traditions, language and culture.

One of the many treats awaiting those who take part in this tour is a secret to be revealed at the end – we will tell you where you can find the best kybyn and krupnik in all of Trakai.

Length: 2km.
Duration: 1-1.5 hours
Complexity level:

You will need: A charged phone and mobile data

Team size: Tickets for Orienteering tours are for max 4 people. If you want to bring a 5th person, you need an extra person ticket. If your group is larger than 12 persons – call us.

Notes: The route is accessible to wheelchairs. We will lead you through the old town of Trakai (which has stone road), but the tour does not include a visit inside the castle. You can take a short break at any time of the walk. Our guide will be with you for up to 2,5 hours, which is enough time to explore all the destinations and take a rest with no need to hurry. The starting point is at the iron bridge.

The ticket is valid for 6 months.