If it wasn’t for the great fire, world wars, attacks from the Swedes and the soviet occupation – Klaipėda might have been the greatest city in all of Europe. Even though tourists are still attracted to it because of its magical atmosphere and beauty, it is worth remembering the city’s rich history and the marks it has left to this day. If you’re interested in finding out where did the great protestant church disappear, where was the main stock exchange, and what are the city’s biggest losses of the 21st century – this route is for you! Throughout our 2,5 km tour of Klaipėda old town, we will turn the pages of its history trying to untangle the secrets of the lost city like a group of detectives. Sounds intriguing? See you at the Biržos bridge!

Length: 2.5 km.
Duration: 1.5-2 hours
Sudėtingumo lygis:

You will need: A charged phone and mobile data

Team size: Tickets for Orienteering tours are for max 4 people. If you want to bring a 5th person, you need an extra person ticket. If your group is larger than 12 persons – call us.

Notes: The route is accessible for wheelchairs. It leads through the Klaipėda city centre. You can take a short break at any point of the route. Our guide will be with you for up to 2,5 hours, which is enough time to explore all the destinations and take a rest with no need to hurry. Starting point is the Arch Monument to the United Lithuania near the Biržos bridge.

The ticket is valid for 6 months.